Air transportation costs

As the arrival airport is in Chicago, and the departure airport is in Los Angeles, it is not so easy to buy a return ticket and drive, ie fly ...
There are two options:

  • 2 separate one-way tickets
  • Multi-city ticket

I made a search with a presumption to travel at the beginning of the ninth month of next year, more precisely 02.09.2021 (the plan is to travel 02.09.2022)
Return flight should be 17 days later from Los Angeles, and here are the ticket prices:

2 separate one-way tickets (total cost is 531€):

Amsterdam - Chicago: transfer in Lisbon and waiting for a 1h 50min, total flight duration 13h 55min, flight price is 180 €

Los Angeles - Amsterdam: transfer in Moscow and waiting of 5h 55min, total flight duration 21h 30min, flight price is 351 €

Multi-city ticket:

Both direct flights, Amsterdam - Chicago & Los Angeles - Amsterdam


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