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In the field of motorcycle rental, the unofficial monopolist in the territory of the USA is EagleRider.

EagleRider is a company operating in 30 countries, with 200 locations (offices/garages). They started in 1994 when they first rented their 4 motorbikes to a group of Austrian tourists. The rest is a legend ...

EagleRider not only rents motorcycles but also organizes excursions, both as a direct provider and through a network of companies that work with them. The specificity of Route66 trip is the different places of picking up and returning the rented engine, which of course is paid extra.

In the previously mentioned term, 03 - 17 September I made a fictitious reservation, of course only the most basic (unavoidable) parameters for the cheapest Harley Davidson. Of course, I have no intention of driving a Route66 on a Yamaha or Suzuki. ;)

The price of a two-week HD Heritage Softail rental is $ 3,604.05

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