Organized trip

There are two categories of organized travel:

  • Self-DriveTour
  • Guided Tour

Self-DriveTour provides you with all the logistics around accommodation, and it's up to you just to sit on a motorbike and drive from hotel to hotel. The route of travel, the speed of riding, and deviating from the route for the purpose of visiting the additional facilities offered along the way, are entirely up to you.

Guided Tour offers you even greater comfort, but of course, extra comfort has to be paid extra. It is usually traveled in groups of 8 to 14 motorbikes with a guide in English or in one of the more popular world languages. The price of a group trip usually includes visits to parks and other sights, most meals, jackets and helmets, parking prices at certain places where it is necessary to pay, an accompanying vehicle that drives your excess luggage, or passengers who are tired of sitting on a motorcycle behind the rider. At the end of the trip, a farewell party is organized, pictures to remember, and usually, the participants receive a souvenir T-shirt.

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