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One of the major concerns in organizing a motorcycle ride through desert landscapes is certainly the need for a timely visit to the gas station.

As I decided to translate Route 66 by myself, without a support vehicle in which to find room for some amount of reserve petrol, worrying about the possible remaining on an open road of an empty tank seemed quite justified to me, until I talked to a few people who were on the road. drove before me.

The Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail has a tank that holds 18.93 liters of gasoline (5 gallons) and has a consumption of 5.60 liters / 100 km. So with a full tank it exceeds 338 kilometers, which should be more than enough to get from pump to pump even with probable diversions and occasional wanderings.

There are several critical sections along the way, both because of the distance of the cities and because of the decline of local businesses in settlements outside the cities.

- Seligman, AZ to Kingman, AZ (via Peach Springs)
This section is about 140 kilometers long and has very few gas stations, prices can be high and working hours are very different.

- Kingman, AZ to Needles, CA (via Oatman, AZ and Topock, AZ)
The pump exists in Topock, AZ, a little south of Golden Shores, AZ: it is just off Route 66 road on Powell Lake Rd. (towards the west), otherwise you will not come across a gas station on this 108-kilometer-long mountain stretch.

- Needles, CA to Ludlow, CA (via Goffs, CA and Amboy, CA)
This 177-kilometer section has a limited number of pumps: There is a pump in Fenner, CA and Amboy, CA. None of these places are cheap.

- Ludlow, CA to Newberry Springs, CA
There is no petrol on this 52-kilometer stretch.

Just in case
Fill the tank before entering these parts of the road:

Seligman, AZ
Kingman, AZ
Needles, CA or at one of the last / first gas stations below
Ludlow, CA.
And as always, in the desert, half the tank must be considered empty: fill the tank at the first next opportunity, it’s not time to calculate about the price difference because you don’t want to risk running out of gas in your desert engine.

Cost of Gas

Gas prices can change rapidly. There are specialized services that keep track of this such as GasBuddy

According to the budget, consumption should be somewhere around 200 liters of gasoline, which would cost somewhere around $ 150 for the entire trip.

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