Insurance for me and the motorcycle

Temporary Motorcycle Insurance is The Easiest Way to Protect Your Motorcycle Ride.

Whether you’re going on vacation so you’ve rented a motorcycle for the weekend or borrowed a friend’s motorcycle for a few weeks, you need to make sure you’re covered by the appropriate type of temporary motorcycle insurance. If you rent a motor from a single provider, temporary insurance will be automatically settled in the package you will take.

For all others who are willing to try a variety of alternative ways to travel by motorcycle down Route 66, which includes traveling on your own motorcycle, I will try to make an overview of the options we have.

Fernet Insurance also offers temporary motorcycle insurance for visitors from other countries. As with other insurances, it is difficult to state-specific amounts because they depend on a large number of factors, so everyone should do research according to their situation and needs.

- Medical travel insurance, make sure your credit card covers this type of insurance. Of course, you have to pay for the trip with that card.

- Roadside assistance can be very useful especially if we are driving an unknown motorcycle through an unknown country. Fernet offers roadside assistance for a $ 35 surcharge for the duration of the basic insurance.

Some other companies that offer temporary motor insurance:


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