A place to sleep

Sleeping in a hotel where Abraham Lincoln and the other presidents stayed, in some impersonal hotel chain, a picturesque motel, or camping?

TV presenters and other faces produced by crossing Route 66 and filming documentaries present us with the most beautiful and impressive buildings along the road, as well as luxuries and historically significant hotels. Personally, it is much more interesting for me to spend the night in a typical motel located along the American highway.
Traveling in late summer gives us the opportunity to sleepover in a campground or even in a sleeping bag in some park (cowboy way).

One of the first cheaper campsites on the way is Eclipse Camp near Sullivan, shortly after leaving St. Louisa where a night costs $ 25, and offers all the benefits of modern life (water, electricity, showers, toilets, wifi).

Anyone who thinks that a place to sleep is literally an overrated category could find the solution on the freecampsites.net page, where I also found a map created by a soul mate. Camps along Route 66.

Those a little less adventurous, especially if traveling in pairs, will probably choose some of the motels that are not lacking. One of the web portals that brings a decent list of sleeping places is Route66 News. Here you will also find a list of restaurants, sights, and attractions that you should not miss.

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